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Explore this page to connect with other tribes, valuable resources, maps, and supporters working together with us to achieve our mission to promote Tribal Energy Development in a transforming global environment. 

Meet Collaborating Tribes

The Tribal Energy Consortium and its member tribes are committed to working with other organizations, private industry, and nonprofits interested in the growth and sustainability of Tribal Energy.

Enrgy Transition


Explore Government Resources and Corporate Supporters Below

Paper Maps on a Table

Maps and GIS Data

 OIl & Gas
Energy Data

Light Streak

Tribal Energy Atlas

DOE's Interactive Geospatial Application

Woods with Mountain

Energy Transition

Energy Transition Oil, Renewables, ESG & Hydrogen


Power Plant
Piece of Machinery in Field

Benefits of Oil

Tulsa Law Review

Fracking Myths

The New Tulsa Law Review is now available!

The Benefit of Oil
and Natural Gas Report

Debunking 12 Myths
of Fracking

Oil Benefits
Frakking Myths

Why Now?

Every year worries for our limited resources grow as environmental disasters intensify.

To solve for these global problems we must work together now to ensure the right balance between nature and innovation. If we can do this, the benefits are tremendous.

Helping The Tribes

  • Helps balance tribal economies

  • Increased tribal resiliency

  • Increased tribal resources

  • Connection with tribal communities

  • United strong voice

  • Lower cost of energy development on tribal lands

  • Development of abundant tribal lands with energy resources  

  • Expanded opportunities for tribal resource development and self-determination

  • Efficiencies in using resources for tribal security and independence

  • Balanced portfolios

Navajo oil and Gas Machinery

Helping The Government

  • High public approval rates

  • Long term positive
    budgetary effects.

  • Reduced reliance on gov funds

  • Bipartisan support

  • More resources on federal lands

  • A balanced portfolio of energy resources during the energy transition

  • Meets federal-Indian relationship and the trust responsibilities to federally recognized American Indian tribes

  • Moves towards domestic energy security and independenc

Helping Businesses

  • Tax breaks

  • Community recognition

  • In the conversation when decisions made will affect their business.

  • Increased awareness

  • Positive public reputation

  • Savings that effects
    the bottom line

  • Meeting corporate ESG (Environment Social Governance)

  • Being a good corporate
    partner to tribal community


Helping Our Global Community

  • Economic and environmental balance between carbon transitioning and developing energy

  • Cost effective energy

  • Community collaboration

  • United goal

  • New energy solutions

  • Energy security

  • Trust in energy infrastructure

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