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Groundbreaking Tribal Energy Codes 

Indian Energy

What is Indian Energy?

Energy that is produced by a Tribal Nation, community, or business that fits their specific energy resources, needs and goals. Indian Energy is critical to Tribal efforts to take control of their energy future.  
Tribes have inherent powers of sovereignty and self-governance. Sovereignty means the ability to manage their own affairs and exist as Nations that are recognized by the Federal Government as having control over their own destinies.


For hundreds of Indian Tribes across the United States, energy represents a path to sovereignty and an important source of income and jobs.

 No two Tribes are alike and Tribal communities develop projects that fit their specific energy resources and needs. However, Indian energy is critical to Tribal efforts to take control of their energy destinies.

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Our best way forward is together. 
Join us and build synergy as a united voice to create meaningful change that brings mutual gains for all.


Meet The Consortium

The Tribal Energy Consortium and its member Tribes are committed to working with other organizations, private industry, and nonprofits interested in the growth and sustainability of Tribal Energy.
We invite environmental perspectives without any dues or fees. Learn more about how to get involved or become a member.



New Mexico

North Dakota

Meet The Tribes

Navajo Nation Oil

& Gas Company

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

Southern Ute Growth Fund

Black Hawk Energy

Jicarilla Apache

Energy Corporation

Missouri River Resources (MHA)


Modoc Nation

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma

Comanche Nation

Kiowa Tribe.png

Kiowa Tribe


(Creek) Nation


Colusa Tribal Logo_2023_WT.PNG

Colusa Indian Energy

Osage Nation

Peoria Tribe of Indians

of Oklahoma

Pawnee Nation


Tribe of Indians


Seneca-Cayuga Nation

Colusa Indian Energy Corp - Primary LOGO 1500x1500-No Background.png

Colusa Indian Energy

United Keetoowah Band of

Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma


Northern Arapaho Tribe

 If you’re interested in learning more, becoming a TEC member or would like to become a sponsor of our work, please send us an e-mail.


Meet our members and learn more about our memberships

Membership Benefits

Industry News and Information

We provide members with access to industry news, updates, and resources to stay informed about the latest developments in the energy sector.


Members can connect with other members and industry professionals through events, conferences, and online forums, which help build relationships and expand professional networks.

We offer technical assistance to members, such as help with project development, financing, and regulatory compliance.


Training and Professional Development

We offer training and professional development opportunities for members, such as workshops and courses on topics like renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Members may be eligible for funding opportunities, such as grants and loans, to support energy projects.


We advocate on behalf of members, working to promote policies and initiatives that support the development of renewable energy on tribal lands.


Partners are nonprofit and for-profit entities approved by the TEC Executive Committee. Partners contribute meaningful resources to help TEC achieve shared goals and they help TEC leverage resources and expertise, build positive brand association, and expand the reach of our service and programs.

Guedel Strategic Law


The Western States and Tribal Nations Energy Initiative

How we achieve environmental goals and prepare for an energetic future:

We promote
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action and strategies that shine benefits  on tribal communities.

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We inform

with up-to-date policy information and reforms as they blow in to enable energy tribes to protect sovereignty, further self-determination and better control their own resources.

Illustrative Icon of Fire
We reduce

reliance on the federal government by breaking down barriers.

Flame Icon
We create

a platform for the sharing qualified Tribal Energy opportunities that burn bright for our mission.

Wind Icon
We address

Tribal Energy challenges by pushing through red tape, cooperation and market solutions.

Sprout Growing Icon
We foster

the next generation by growing leaders through internship opportunities.

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We replicate

the success demonstrated by Tribal Energy leaders.

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We provide

access to valuable resources.

Explore Resources and Maps

Discover valuable resources and make connections with tribes, government organizations, and corporations supporting The Tribal Energy Consortium's mission.

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